Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of December 10, 2018

Dear readers! Just for you — a convenient peek at what our blog’s been up to this week. Isn’t this what you seek? Don’t be meek — go ahead and sneak. OK, OK, apologies for the bad rhymes. We promise the blog posts do not contain anything as remotely forced as this. But we do promise our posts contain unique and fresh perspectives about writing and speculative fiction. Dig in!

  • On Monday, blogger Erin Wagner introduced us to poet Christina Rossetti in her column “A Woman Was Here”;
  • On Tuesday, we posted our first Issue 036 author interview, starting with our featured story “The Curse of Apollo” and author Diana Hurlburt;
  • On Wednesday, one of our blog editors, Jen Gheller, reminded us in her column “YA Girl” of a lovely little picture book called Strega Nona, featuring a much beloved crone;
  • On Thursday, we were super excited to interview our very own ed-in-chief, Jennifer Lyn Parsons, about her short story “Joinery” that appears in Issue 036;
  • On Friday, Beth McCabe hosted a guest blogger, C.R. Hodges to talk about two masterful sci-fi authors we might not have known about in her column “Breakfast Anytime”.

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