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Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of December 24, 2018

by Jen Gheller

Happy holidays, dear readers! Here’s a short and sweet list of our weekly blog activities to wrap up the year:



  • On Monday, we started the week with another Issue 036 author interview, this time with Anna Catalano about her story “Cry Sanctuary“;
  • On Tuesday, we took the day off to make merry;
  • On Wednesday, D.M. Domosea continued her thought experiment by putting ageism under the microscope;
  • On Thursday, Issue 036 author Regina Higgins graced us with thoughtful words on her story “Wise Woman“;
  • On Friday, Christina “DZA” Marie geared us up for 2019 and her most anticipated movies of the year.

A bit about the columnist:

Jen is a writer and professional daydreamer living on the Jersey Shore. Her writing gravitates towards magic and faeries in the modern world. She loves the library with all her heart and soul. Visit author page