Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of December 31, 2018

Happy new year, dear readers! Hope you all were able to enjoy the holiday season in your own special way. Here’s what the blog has been up to this week.

  • On Monday, we laid low and plotted our end of the year celebrations;
  • On Tuesday, the blog team had a day of rest to enjoy the first day of the newly minted year and recover from said celebrations;
  • On Wednesday, blogger Tracy Townsend introduced us to the usefulness of creating a world bible as we craft our longer pieces of fiction;
  • On Thursday, LSQ’s ed-in-chief Jennifer Lyn Parsons had some thoughts on those required reading lists we get in school;
  • On Friday, we chatted with LSQ alum author (from Issue 008!) Lauren C. Teffeau about her new novel, Implanted.

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