Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of January 28, 2019

Dear readers! As we wander through the cold, bleak months of winter, at least we have our fabulous blog to keep us warm and bring us some light! Here’s what our bloggers were up to this week:

  • On Monday, blogger Christina “DZA” Marie shared thoughts on some women of classic English literature;
  • On Tuesday, we continued our Year 10 celebration via a special set of interviews with the LSQ staff;
  • On Wednesday, A. Francis Raymond continued her quarterly column “The Balancing Act” by discussing some writing challenges for the new year;
  • On Thursday, blog editor Jen Gheller interviewed Issue 036 author Maya Dworsky about her story “Bog Witch“;
  • On Friday, LSQ’s editor-in-chief Jennifer Lyn Parsons talked about the “strong female character” as portrayed in Japanese films by Hayao Miyazaki.

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