Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of March 25, 2018

There once was a base on the moon

That will publish more new stories soon

But just take a peek

At what’s been done this week

So move over and make us some room!

Dearest readers! The weekly wrap-up is here — check out the posts that have hit our blog this week.

  • On Monday, we had a special behind-the-scenes Year 10 celebratory chat with blog editor Jen Gheller;
  • On Tuesday, we had a double posting: first an Issue 037 author interview with Jasmine Smith about her story “Into the Flames” and later in the afternoon, Suz Thackston introduced us to the Greek mythos of Hekate;
  • On Wednesday, Christina “DZA” Marie dished about how Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein came to be;
  • On Thursday, blogger Anna O’Keefe started a two-part series about her origin story;
  • On Friday, Anna O’Keefe continued her tale in Part 2 of her column “Fearless Thoughts.”

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