Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of March 4, 2019

Dearest readers! Here’s what our fabulous bloggers have been up to this past week (spoiler: good stuff)!

  • On Monday, we were bursting with such great news, we had double duty: first, the monthly news flash for your latest LSQ FYI and second, our interview with cover artist Leesha Hannigan;
  • On Tuesday, we featured our first Issue 037 author interview and had a chat with E.H. Mann about her story “Two Monsters Down in the Darkthen blogger Cathrin Hagey explored magic’s place in fairy tales;
  • On Wednesday, blog editor Jen Gheller reviewed the YA novel The Wicked King;
  • On Thursday, Jacqui Lipton offered insight into the legal concept of defamation in writing;
  • On Friday, Tisdale Flannery continued her quest exploring the Tarot deck and pondering its application to writing, this month with the Six of Cups.

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