Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of May 28, 2018

Eight great stories there be

In a publication as fine as the sea

Read them right now

And think about how

Women authors are rocking a Quarterly

Dearest readers, we’ve been busy here at the Quarterly this week and it feels so good. Here’s what the blog has been up to:

  • On Monday, we started the week with our last interview with an Issue 033 author: Katharine Coldiron. We talked about writing, opera, dystopias, and her short story “C-a-l-l-a-s.”
  • On Tuesday, Tracy Townsend addressed an area of writing where many of us struggle: writing good fight scenes.
  • On Wednesday, Christina “DZA” Marie sat us down and talked real talk: how to write women characters. (Spoiler for those who struggle: it’s not hard. Like, at all.)
  • On Thursday, Wendy Van Camp gave us an interview with author Elizabeth Guizzetti.
  • Friday was a BIG DAY!!!! We released Issue 034 (check it out! check it out!!!) and posted an interview with our fabulous cover artist.

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