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Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of November 18, 2018

by Jen Gheller

Despite all the eating and shopping and general merrymaking of the week, it’s been business as usual here on the blog. Here’s what went down:

  • On Sunday, our very own blog manager Anna O’Brien spent the weekend celebrating Margaret Atwood’s birthday;
  • On Monday, Calee Jordan admitted her addiction to fairy tale retellings in her column “The Heart of the Genres”;
  • On Tuesday, we chatted with Issue 035 author Alessia Galatani about her story “Winter Flowers”;
  • On Wednesday, Tiffany Meuret discussed the Strong Female Character, a popular topic at LSQ;
  • On Thursday, we took the day off for Turkey Day;
  • On Friday, another of our lovely Issue 035 authors, Beth Goder, discussed with us her story “Pulling Secrets from Stones.”

A bit about the columnist:

Jen is a writer and professional daydreamer living on the Jersey Shore. Her writing gravitates towards magic and faeries in the modern world. She loves the library with all her heart and soul. Visit author page

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