Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of October 25, 2019

Boo, dear readers! Hope you had an enjoyable Halloween and are ready to catch up on the spook-tacular LSQ blog content over the past week. Here you go:

  • On Monday, Tracy Townsend explained why you can’t just kill the dog in your novel (readers get mad, as they should);
  • On Tuesday, we chatted with Issue 039 author Jerica Taylor about her story “The Pet Owner’s Guide to Reptilian Hauntings“;
  • On Wednesday, T.D. Walker, LSQ‘s own poet interviewer, spoke to the challenge of writing book reviews and how she plans to use her interview skills to improve her review skills;
  • On Thursday, D.M. Domosea celebrated Halloween by concluding her two-part series of interviews with fellow women-identifying authors who write (and recommend) spooky stuff;
  • On Friday, the staff at LSQ launched fellow writers off on an expedition through NaNoWriMo with some sage words of advice.

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