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Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of October 29, 2018

by Jen Gheller

Happy November, dear readers! Shake off that leftover sugar high and get ready for another great month on the blog. We have lots planned for you this month, but first, let’s start off with what you might have missed this week:

  • On Monday, Christina “DZA” Marie started off Halloweek right with her top 5 scream queens;
  • On Tuesday, A. Francis Raymond got real about how, or how not, to break the writing break;
  • On Wednesday, we talked with Issue 035 author Richaundra Thursday about her Halloween-appropriate story “Space Witch”;
  • On Thursday, Tisdale Flannery introduced us to another tarot card to add to our writing collection, the Nine of Swords;
  • On Friday, we took a long walk through the forest and its deep ties to fairy tales with Cathrin Hagey in her column “What’s in a Fairy Tale?”

A bit about the columnist:

Jen is a writer and professional daydreamer living on the Jersey Shore. Her writing gravitates towards magic and faeries in the modern world. She loves the library with all her heart and soul. Visit author page

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