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Weekly Wrap-Up: Week of September 3, 2018

by Anna O’Brien

An LSQ Issue 035-inspired haiku:

Sixteen stories here

Full of wonder, life, and edge

Let it lure you in

Other than, you know, publishing our 35th issue (!!!!!!!!!) here’s what the blog has been up to this week.

  • On Monday, we posted our monthly news flash;
  • On Tuesday, Cathrin Hagey considered both literal and figurative passports in fairy tales;
  • On Wednesday, we published Issue 035, ate celebratory cake, and interviewed our fabulous cover artist, Shreya Shetty;
  • On Thursday, blogger Tracy Townsend discussed how failing is a vital part of a character’s development;
  • On Friday, our intrepid editor-in-chief, Jennifer Lyn Parsons, paid homage to independent book sellers.

A bit about the columnist:

Anna is a writer and veterinarian currently living in central Maryland. Visit author page

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