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Weekly Wrap-Up

by Anna O’Brien

The weekend’s here, have a can of . . . beer? Cheer? Deer? (Hm, canned deer . . .) A re-read of King Lear? OK, enough rhyming. The blog staff here (oops, rhyming again — can’t stop, won’t stop) at LSQ drank a lot of coffee this morning and we’ve put together a round up of all the excellent blog posts that appeared on the blog this past week. So, if you’re in search of a quick, insightful read on topics such as comics, strong female characters or, you know, fairy tale giants, then take a peek at this run-down then hop on over to the post(s) that are to your liking. Have a good one, dearest readers, and happy weekend!


A bit about the columnist:

Anna is a writer and veterinarian currently living in central Maryland. Visit author page

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