A Fellow Lover of Kimye and, also, a Writer, Brodie Lancaster

You can split the world into three categories: the Kimye haters, the people who pretend they don’t know what Kimye is, and Kimye lovers. Cut the first two out of your life. That probably includes your parents. Replace them with Brodie Lancaster.

On her website, blog, and twitter Lancaster doesn’t shy away from her love of the aggressive and magical positivity of Kanye and Kim, the first sign that she is not a writer too cool to love life or the greatest fashion couple currently alive. A writer for Rookie Mag, a place that makes you wish you could re-live your teenage years with more zeal, glitter, and collage-art, Lancaster is another great ambassador for the unembarrassed female oriented writing that is spreading over the internet, writing articles that are unapologetically about the interests and problems of her own life. With her name on several publications, including Filmme Fatales, the zine she launched about women and film, Lancaster writes openly about the insecurities of being a young writer/editor/human. Her work also includes music reviews and interviewers, from One Direction concerts to talking with cartoonist Alison Bechdel. In one interview that stuck out to me, Lancaster’s subject is her family. In it, she admits to the insecurities she’s experienced about the tensions in their relationship compared to those of her friends and lets readers look at a conversation between her and her two sisters about their relationship with each other and their parents. The detailed, memory laden communication between siblings does read slower than some of Lancaster’s others pieces, but it shows off Lancaster’s willingness to be open and offer her experiences and curiosities up as starting points for discussion.

Here are four of her best pieces to get introduced to her funny, thoughtful style:

How to Eat When Broke-Aside from sharing her thoughts on life and culture, Lancaster can also tell you how to steal your friends’ food and get out of paying for dinner.

Really Funny– A look at the movie Shallow Hal—a movie about Jack Black mistakenly dating an over-weight Gwyneth Paltrow—in which Lancaster, “a fat Australian girl obsessed with Salt-N-Pepa and improv comedy”, discusses the internalized views towards the over-weight and the paper-thin dynamics they’re usually allowed in film and T.V.

To be followed by

In defense of Gwyneth Paltrow– Without feeding into the attention-grabbiness of the weirdly-prolific think pieces on why Gwyneth Platrow is the worst, Lancaster gives some thoughtful insight into why it’s so easy to group-hate on female celebrities.

The Importance of Music to Girls– A boost to the enthusiasm rarely seen outside of teenage girls, Lancaster examines why acts like Miley Cyrus and Lorde covering The Smiths’ and Kurt Cobain attracts such negative reactions, with generous empathy for the music snobs generating it.

I can’t technically speak on behalf of Kanye West, but I do think anyone writing honestly and promoting the things they love would get his approval.

So read her work.

Do it for Kimye.

The rest of her work can be find on her website.