A New Beginning …

This was supposed to be the second part of my Poetic Pilgrimage essay, but something has come up.

I have been named the new Creative Director of this Quarterly’s parent company, Luna Station Press, and I am kind of over the moon about it.

I don’t know how much you all know about The Press. Have you read the wonderful space opera books by your esteemed Editor In Chief, Jennifer Parsons? How about the sassy Charlie’s Angels meets assassins meets lots of wine books by Cara Vescio?

Not ringing a bell? Maybe you might like to have a look at our brand new website, to see what I’m going on about? http://lunastationpress.com

To celebrate this new era of Luna Station Press, we are launching two new books today; a young readers book called David, A Rat by Elizabeth Hinckley, and a memoir of a life in shamanism, by Dr. Jason Martin, which inaugurates the Press’ new metaphysical imprint, Chacruna.

These two books, I hope, illustrate the wide swath of styles and subjects we will be publishing moving forward. (Yes, we will even publish the occasional male, god forbid!) We have another half dozen releases planned into 2015 (including a special surprise for fans of the Quarterly) and seeds planted for where we’d like to be in 2016 and beyond.

In addition to Luna Station’s long standing partnership with Amazon, we will now be enjoying international distribution through Ingram, which means Luna Station’s books will be orderable at pretty much any bookstore in the world. Which is more than a little cool.

Even though it’s great that we’re all meeting here on the web, I’m a big believer in physical books, and an even bigger believer in local, independent bookstores, both of which will be the core of what I’ll be focusing on in the months to come.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Luna Station’s founder, and your faithful EIC, Jennifer Parsons, for giving me this amazing opportunity. Without her, Luna Station would not exist, and all of us would be the poorer. She will continue on with the Press, in an editorial and production capacity, while continuing to give her heart and attention to this Quarterly, and to the marvelous work you are all doing.

Thank you for letting me share this news with you. I hope you’ll check out the Press’ new site, and that you’ll find something there that inspires you. Until next month, when part two of A Poetic Pilgrimage will finally appear, I wish for you a fabulous Autumn, full of wonderful things.

Tara Lindsey

Creative Director

Luna Station Press