A Small Voice Part 2

[Editor’s note: For Part 1, see yesterday’s post.]

Just as I got to the gas station, the rain stopped and I went into the convenience store to pay for my five gallons of gas. That’s when I remembered that my wallet was nice and dry inside my purse on the front seat of the car. I started rooting around in my pockets wondering how much change I might have. I had no purse, so no driver’s license, no money, no credit cards, but all I could think about was that tiny snail. 


I then recognized the voice of the dad from the station wagon. He stood next to me smiling with one of the little people from the back seat holding his hand. Another boy, a bit older, stood on the other side. 


“Peg said we needed to make sure you got some help.” He smiled broader. And I smiled back! He nodded to the older boy and the gas can was taken from me as he disappeared out the door. 


“Come on,” the dad said. “Let’s get some gas in that car of yours.” I stood there stunned as I watched the dad hold the door open for me. A little hand reached up and grabbed my hand and out the door we went. 


I sat in the back seat of their wagon as we pulled back on the road heading in the direction of my car. The mom asked me what happened that morning.


“I was being stupid,” I simply answered. 


“Well,” she mused, “it happens to all of us. The important thing is to learn from those moments.” She peered over her glasses at me in question. 


“I talked to a snail.” The words slipped from my lips. 


“Wonderful! That wasn’t the stupid thing was it?” she asked.

Wonderful? Who are these people? I just shook my head no. I couldn’t do anything else.

The dad nodded his head in agreement that snails were awesome creatures to talk to. I handed my keys over in complete befuddlement. In return, he told me to sit tight and stay warm. The now full gas can was pulled from the trunk. The boy and dad made their way to my car to get it ‘humming along’. 


The mom offered me her cell phone to call my boss. The dog had come over and gave me a sloppy kiss on my cheek and placed a paw on my lap. The little hand holder climbed into my lap and checked out my earrings. I could hardly put my head around it all. In this day in age were their people like this still around? I had proof in front of me, but I was still totally stunned. Again, I asked myself, Honestly, who were these people?


It wasn’t long before I was ushered back to my now running car and told to drive safe and be well. As I sat there, trying to get my bearings, the station wagon pulled off to the toot of the horn, and a chorus of goodbyes.


For years I held that little snail in my heart. I think about him and that morning from time to time, always with warmth in my heart. But I wasn’t sure what the point was or if I had missed some message I was supposed to receive from it all. 


Years went by and I found myself sitting on a folding chair in the basement of a church with my husband, who was a member of a 12-step program. 


 “God talks loudest in the tiniest of voices. You just have to listen for it,” the speaker said as part of her own story she was sharing. 

And just like that, I knew, after all that time, that I had held God in my hand that day. Woo. I teared up. I couldn’t help it. It took a long time to get the message of that little living creature. But I finally got it. I did have help that day, so much help but never recognized it. And sitting in that church basement I was finally grateful for it.

As I write about that day, I find I tear up a little bit. I have learned that the Universal Spirit is the most amazing thing! Even when we least expect it, we are handed a gift. It might take years to see it, but I’m not sure that even matters. Right this moment I can still feel that little snail in my hand.

How has that Universal Spirit spoken to you? I would love to hear your story. 


With love and light, 

Anna O’Keefe