And year 5 is a wrap!

Wow! 5 years of stories! I honestly can’t believe it.

I’m so very proud to present Issue 020 of Luna Station Quarterly to you all. Fourteen stories written by wonderful up and coming writers, who just happen to be women.

You can start by reading our new featured story, “Leaf” by MJ Gardner, after that, it’s up to you.  Feel free to stay for a while and read about girls, aliens, thieves, faeries, and who knows what else in this issue.

If you’d like to support the authors and support LSQ, you can buy a digital copy or visit our Support Us page and learn more.

Oh, we have some great stuff in store for next year. We’re getting ready to celebrate our 5th anniversary, so be sure to keep an eye out for more news.

– Jennifer Lyn Parsons, Editor in Chief