Book Review: “Reawakened” (Colleen Houck)

reawakenedI haven’t read Colleen Houck‘s previous series, Tiger’s Curse, but I picked up this new release because who could resist the cover, honestly???

And I wasn’t disappointed. It’s kind of reminiscent of Indiana Jones in that it’s all about archaeology and fast paced action. The heroine (a tough New York teen) loves hanging out at the Met and finds herself in a situation she wasn’t expecting when she comes across an Egyptian mummy returned to life and only at half strength. He has to borrow some of her life force to survive and complete his ancient mission which involves traveling to Egypt and finding his mummified brothers to complete an age-old ritual.

Lots of fun and adventure and very accessible and easy-to-read. Why aren’t there more mummy stories for the youth??

The only quibble I *might* have with this book, and I don’t know how serious it is, is that it does play into that dynamic of helpless girl falls in love with guy who is effectively her captor. He holds all the power over her and kidnaps her against her will, yet she falls in love with him and will do anything for him without questioning it much. It’s a little reminiscent of that whole Twilight thing where Bella falls in love with stalky cute vampire guy who wants to kill her as much as he loves her.

I personally don’t mind this set-up because I honestly don’t think it’s actually *teaching* young girls to be helpless and fall in love with those who do questionable things to them. I would assume that teen readers would take this for a fantasy action story and enjoy it on that level, but I do make the point because I know that folks are concerned about this dynamic and it is there in the subtext of this one.

This is clearly the first in a series and there’s an epilogue that gives a hint of the set-up for the next book. However, the story in this book does close out neatly so I don’t feel like I was left hanging. One of my pet peeves is cliff-hangers that require the reader to buy book two to find out how the story really ends, and I didn’t feel that way about this book at all. It stands alone as a fun and engaging adventure story. Lots of fun, good food and action under the Egyptian sun.