Buyer Beware!

There is no quick fix, magic formula or miracle pill when it comes to health and fitness, yet you can’t surf the net without being bombarded by ads for food that fight fat, the ultimate diet or quick fix workout program. I’m here to tell you, nothing works for everyone. Don’t buy into it, literally. Save your money.

I cringe every time I see a quick fix workout pasted on Pinterest or any other website. This is what happens. Someone with the best intentions does the 10 minute workout diligently for a month, maybe more. They begin to get discouraged because they’re not looking like the model in the picture and inevitably they end up quitting. Go ahead, browse those workouts, but be aware of what’s behind them. Those Pinterest pictures and other promotions link to websites that are trying to take your money. Of course they’re going to make it look enticing and promote it as a quick and easy way to get results.

Writers need to be wary of agents who approach them and say if they pay them x amount of dollars, the agent will get them published and make them famous. The same thing applies to anyone trying to take your money in exchange for a shortcut to health and fitness results. These people are salespeople whose aim is to take your money. I think because it’s the health and fitness industry, people believe what they see. How could anyone possibly steer someone wrong about their health? There are always people ready to take advantage of others for a quick buck.

Any time you are looking at hiring a trainer, purchasing a program, or anything else you need to pull out your wallet for, make sure you know what you’re getting. Like anything else you’d buy, research the person, website or program as much as you can. Look for reviews, ask questions and don’t spend your money until you’re comfortable with it. Finally, remember, no matter how much money you spend on a nutrition plan or workout program, it’s not going to help unless you put in the time. There is no quick fix, but there are results to be had from diligent effort.