Closing in on the End of a Wild Ride

There are going to be a lot of year-end wrap ups coming along soon and they’re all going to say one thing: 2016 was weird and the unexpected, both good and bad, was waiting around every corner. That’s a speculative fiction author’s bread and butter.

Since you’re now so familiar with the unexpected, you’re ready for our great new collection of stories. They will also surprise you, though this time, I’m pleased to say, they’re is definitely nothing bad about any of them. Well, except maybe the villains, but then, that’s how things are meant to be, aren’t they?

You might want to start with our featured story,”The Question of the Blade” by Alex Yuschik and then go on reading the rest of the fabulous stories in this issue.

And if you like what you see there, spread the word and let someone else who loves great stories know about us. You can also support us by buying a gorgeous print edition or a digital edition in a variety of formats.

Happy reading!!!