Congrats to our authors!!!

We don’t just want to publish stories here at Luna Station. Our main mission is to help women writers grab a bit more of the genre/speculative fiction spotlight, even when it’s with other publications. So, starting today, we’ll be updating you all when our authors have published their stories. We would love for you to support them and the publications that have chosen their stories, as well as read their stories here, of course!

Before we begin the current list of publications, let me just remind you all to take a look at our featured story of the week, “Aunt Nancy” by Krista Duggin. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

And now, the starting list of publications by Luna Station Quarterly’s authors:

‘s story “Equinox” was just published in the final issue of :

has been busy! Her poem “Kelpie” was published in , and she had a few stories published as well: “Botch and Coyote” in , “Dancing at Mulate’s” in the , and “Angel’s First Flight” in the anthology .

, who is making her first appearance in this issue, has also had “The Rosebud That Didn’t Want to Bloom” and “The Lost Mermaid” published in

has had her second full-length poetry collection, Beneath the Lion’s Paw published and is available on her website,

has had a wealth of recent publications as well. Most notably, Just in Jeans at Amazon/Kindle ebooks and the short stories:
Tombs for Tomes at
Be Mused at
Don’t Forget Me at