Cyber Monday Sale!


Hey everyone! If you’ve ever wanted to a) have all the digital copies of Luna Station Quartery or b) support women authors, then today is your day to shine. You can do both at the same time. 🙂

For today only, you can get the full run, issues 001 to 020 (which just came out today, btw) for just $10. The best part is you’re buying direct from LSQ, so the whole price (minus a tiny processing fee) goes directly back to supporting LSQ! Yay!

Included are DRM-Free files of every issue in EPUB, PDF & MOBI!

You can purchase the download right here:

Cyber Monday 2014 LSQ Package

Know someone who might like a boatload of awesome fiction that happens to be written by some of the best up and coming women writers? Please spread the word!

Thanks for your support!