December issue delayed, here’s the details…

Greetings from Luna Station Quarterly HQ! I hope you all are doing well, keeping safe and happy.

Unfortunately, this is not my usual Editor’s Ephemera column. Instead, I have an announcement to make:

The next issue of LSQ is going to be delayed until December 15th.

Some related personal challenges over the last couple of months threw production massively off track. (Thanks, 2020!) Eventually, a logistical wall blocked my path and there was no reasonable way to get the issue out on time. Long-time readers may recall that there have been a handful of other issues in our history that were delayed. Life just gets in the way sometimes. Oh, the life of an indie magazine!

Questions? Let me know and I will be happy to answer them. Otherwise, here’s to getting the issue flightworthy and prepping LSQ for its TWELFTH year. (wow!)

Thanks so much for your patience!