Essays, reviews, and more, oh my!

I am bursting with excitement today. Why? Because today starts a new era for Luna Station Quarterly. Our blog is going to be bursting at the seems with great stuff for you all to read.

Every weekday (and we keep expanding!) there will be something new to read in this space. An essay on fan culture, a book review that will make your to-read pile grow, some deep thoughts on creativity, perspectives on the place of women creators and fans in genre fiction, the list is pretty damn endless.

And if you miss a post, we’ll be wrapping everything up in a bow on Saturdays.

So please visit often, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or one of the other places we’re posting.

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Thanks and enjoy!

P.S – You might want to check in later for our first post. We’re running a neat little giveaway, donated by the author. 🙂