Happy Birthday Andre Norton!

Happy birthday, Andre Norton (17 Feb, 1912 – 17 March, 2005)! A pioneer for women writing genre fiction, Andre (born Alice Mary Norton) graced our bookshelves with female written science fiction as early as 1934 with . her standalone novel The Prince Commands. Though she published her earlier work under the male pseudonym Andrew North, we can now celebrate her achievements as the woman she always was no matter the name on the book jacket.

There’s a reason she’s known as the Great Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy. During her lifetime, she wrote over 20 book series! She published in nearly every category in genre fiction: fantasy, science fiction, crime novels, romance, historical fiction. She influenced female authors as prominent in the field as Elizabeth Moon.

A true believer in life long learning, we can all listen to her words today in celebration of her birthday:

“… we are each shaped from our birth, not only by the blood and inheritance that lies behind us, but also by those we love and by whom we are loved in turn, by the knowledge given to our thirsty minds, to the learning of ourselves.”

Happy birthday Andre Norton. May we all continue to be inspired by your legacy.