Happy Birthday Diana Paxson!

Yesterday, wasn’t just President’s Day. Yesterday Diana Paxson–Pagan Priestess and multiple Locus award winning author–was born.

Happy birthday, Diana Paxson. You brought us into worlds mixing 5th century history and myth in The Wodan’s Children series (1993, 1995, 1996). You provided us with The Chronicles of Westriawhere Nature reigns after the collapse of our civilization. You taught us to embrace magic and the mystical and to have faith, no matter what that looks like to each individual.

To honor her birthday this week:

  • take your notebook out into nature and get some writing done in the fresh air (depending on where you live, you might want to bring a coat this time of year).
  • read some of her nonfiction work on Paganism, goddesses and runes
  • check out the Society for Creative Anachronism and join up with hundreds of people crafting and recreating the lifestyles of medieval times (Diana Paxson just casually created this organization at Berkeley in 1966)
  • write what you desire to write

Happy birthday, Diana Paxson!