Happy Birthday Tamora Pierce!

“Fantasy was where I escaped […] it was–is–the literature of idealism and passion […] this idea that there are greater things than the mundane”–Tamora Pierce, interview with authormagazine.org

Sound familiar? From my childhood, fantasy was Lord of the Rings: it was the epic quest, the men of honor taking up the good fight in an idealist world where good triumphed through hard work. But it was the story of men.

Tamora Pierce has rewritten the male-centered fantasy narrative, without losing any of the hope fantasy creates for readers. She is a champion of YA fantasy and female protagonists. Today we celebrate her birthday.

Ways to celebrate:

Read a Tamora Pierce novel! Get to know her The Protector of the Small series, or her Tricksters novels. Check out a full list of her novels here.

Write what you love. When Pierce started publishing, she chose to work on YA novels, fantasy and female protagonists. Not because it was popular or lucrative at the time, but because it brought her joy. Writing is a difficult life path, but write the stories you want to read. When writing becomes tougher than usual, remember your favorite books–the ones that changed your life. Someone sat down and wrote that story.

Share your favorite books with a girl, cis woman, or trans woman in your life. Go forth! Converse! Tell someone in your life about that book that changed your life. Spread the joy you felt while reading and embrace another person’s joy in return.

Happy birthday, Tamora Pierce. Your belief in fantasy is a belief in female authors.