Happy Patron Day!

Hello dear readers, it is I, your intrepid Editor-in-Chief, here to bring you glad tidings! It’s Patron Day!

Grover from Sesame Street dancing in a discotheque

What’s Patron Day? Why it’s the day when creators who are sponsored on Patreon get together and publicly, loudly, and with much cheering and gratitude, thank our patrons!

In case you were wondering, yes, Luna Station Quarterly has a Patreon account. In fact, the reason you’re able to read this right now is because of our amazing patrons. They help us keep the lights on, keep the stories flowing, and most importantly help us pay our awesome authors.

With their help, we’ve been able to pay artist royalties for our cover art, making each issue more beautiful than ever. They’ve also helped us upgrade our website, support our social media presence, and cover the cost of all kinds of behind-the-scenes expenses.

I honestly can’t express my gratitude enough. LSQ simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

Madeline Kahn and Grover on Sesame Street

In return for their support, our patrons get a bunch of benefits, just like when you sponsor a PBS channel. We offer rewards that range from a thank you acknowledgement in each issue to print editions of what we publish, all the way up to tea and cupcakes with me, depending on the level of support a patron chooses.

It would be tremendous to have you join us, especially right now. We’re very, very close to being able to increase our author payments for the first time ever! It’s really exciting and it’s just within reach!

If just a few of you wonderful readers pledged a dollar or two a month we can reach this goal easy peasy!

Maybe you’ve enjoyed reading stories such as Virginia Mohlere’s award-winningThe Thing in Your Walls Wants Your Small Change“. Maybe it was Tisdale Flannery’s “Tea with Strangers” series on the blog that keeps you coming back. Or maybe you’d like to support the incredible women artists whose work graces our covers every issue. No matter the reason, we’d love to have you join the crew of LSQ.

Grover being hugged by a little boyCome check out our profile and consider pledging. That way we can add your name to the list of people we are saying THANK YOU to next year!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: THANK YOU PATRONS! You put the booster in our rockets every day.