Hello dear readers! I’m very proud to present to you: Issue 015!

Charm. Danger. Magic. The stories in this issue will have you checking the corners of your attics for unexpected visitors and saying hello to the little birds outside your window. You can visit with characters who have a different kind of strength, beyond what it takes to wield a sword or vanquish dragons, and wild girls who embrace their inner magic.

You can start by reading “” by Patricia Russo and once that has you hooked, I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the issue!

On a bit of Quarterly business, Elizabeth Thurmond, assistant editor is stepping down after this issue. Thank you, Liz, for all your help and good luck with your exciting new adventures!

Liz’s departure leaves an empty spot in the staff roster. I’ll be opening up applications again soon, so if you’re interested in helping bring great women writers to the public and getting some editorial experience under your belt, keep an eye out!

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Thanks for your support and HAPPY READING!