History & Mission

The on-going mission of Luna Station Quarterly is to display the vast and varied talents of women-identified speculative fiction writers.

This idea was conceived by founding editor, Jennifer Lyn Parsons, after spending time in the trenches of the Star Wars fan fiction community and being exposed to the particular and unique writing styles of the women and girls who posted there.

Later departing from the community to write original fiction, Jennifer became aware of the apparent lack of support for the short story format within the literary community, and the particular lack of exposure of new women writers in general within speculative fiction.

After tickling at Jennifer’s brain for a few years, the time became right for this concept to come to fruition, and the result is the site you are reading now.

In January 2011, Evan Pettit joined the staff, and Cheryl Ruggiero joined in June 2012, both as Assistant Editors, aiding Jennifer as Luna Station Quarterly continued to grow. 2013 saw the addition of Iona Sharma, Megan Patton, and Andi Marquette. Danielle Perry join in 2013 as well, filling the role of Editorial Assistant and later becoming an Assistant Editor. (We also had Elizabeth Thurmond on staff for a brief time and we’re grateful for her help)

We made a big change in 2015, when Tara Lindsey came on as Creative Director. She drove the change to finally offer print editions of the quarterly, feature original cover art and release our first anthology, The First Five Years.

Wanda Evans started out as a Special Projects Assistant in 2014, helping to steward our 5 year anthology, and then became an Assistant Editor in 2017. Dana Mele became an Assistant Editor in 2016.

A few years after LSQ was launched, the blog was reimagined as a place for sharing ideas, reviews, and interviews, all those things that didn’t quite fit in the magazine format. A flock of wonderful essays and other columns began appearing in 2014.

The blog was expertly run by Cheryl Wollner from 2015-2017, and was succeeded by Anna O’Brien later that year along with Linda Codega and Jen Gheller as additional Blog Editors.

We hope you enjoy the stories within our pages. Be sure to check out our author’s profiles to learn where you can read more of their work.

If you have any thoughts you’d like to share about the site, please feel free to use the contact form and let us know what you think!