I want a boy who will build me a bookshelf

Courtesy of Ryan McArthur entitled Books

I like to think that everyone has piles of books – so many books piled high that they begin to slope slightly to the right with the top one that titter slightly whenever you walk by and sometimes at night you here one of those piles crash to the floor.   I woke up last night to the sound of a crash and found my cat, Baby lying across the pile batting at the pages of my most recent finds.

I want to move my piles of book onto shelves, but I struggle with what my personal library should look like. I want the smell of the leather chairs – who doesn’t love that smell. I want shelves of wood – old wood not that new fiberboard – that’s not wood. I want a window to sit by with a round table to hold my cup and room to hold those five books I’ve just grabbed from my shelves.

Does a pile of books constitute a library?

I’ve been searching for bookshelves for the past year. Searching to the point where I’ve become fixated on them. The blog site named www.bookshelfporn.com is a photo blog of bookshelves for people to indulge in, showcasing the best of the best – pictures of books, bookstores, libraries and bookshelves – a blog that keeps my desire of finding and creating my personal library very much alive.

What does your personal library look like?  I’d love someone to make mine look like this.

A secret snug reading hideout courtesy of Spaces-In-Between.