Issue 014 has taken flight!

When you start reading the stories in this issue, you’ll know why that’s the title of this post. The assistant editors and I enjoyed the vast array of stories we received, as always, but the issue has definitely taken on a bit of a theme. You’ll just have to go read it to understand.

So, once again I’ve got a lot of pride in how this issue came together. Lots of great comments from the editors, lots of great stories, and always the tough decisions about what would make it’s way into the finalized table of contents.

There are amazing women writers out there, each with such unique voices. To start you all off, I’m going to point you to our first featured story from this issue. It’s “” by Che Gilson. When you’ve read that, I do encourage you to enjoy the rest of the stories, too.

And as it’s summer time (or at least in this part of the world it is) I know many of you are going to be spending time on the beach or by the pool. You can take your time and leisurely enjoy this issue, and support the authors who work so hard to put out great work, by purchasing the ebook version.Just click on the button in the sidebar and you can get your copy right now.

And yes, the files are DRM-free and in multiple formats for whatever ebook reader you use!

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I want to thank the talented assistant editorial team. They’ve been a huge help, as always, and I couldn’t put these issues out without them!

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!