Issue 021… now with more PRINT!

Hi readers! Intrepid editor Jennifer here to bring you…well, look at that. A little brownie must have come in here overnight and deposited a shiny new collection of stories for you all to read. Awesome brownie, huh?

Not only is there a new issue, this is also the start of YEAR SIX OMFG and, even more importantly, the first issue of LSQ IN PRINT!!! (Thanks to Luna Station Press for the infrastructure to make this happen at last) I have held this solidly chunky issue in my actual hands and it is a wonder to behold. It’s also really, really pretty and made of nice paper and has a cracking cover featuring artwork by Erin DeMoss. You know you want one.

New featured story, “Minotaur” by R.S. Bohn, will get you started, so be sure to enjoy that, along with the rest of the tales of magic and mayhem in this issue.

Okay, enough of my rambling, go read. Want to buy a copy? That would be great! It helps us buy more stories and pay our authors for their hard work. Here’s where ya go:


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