Issue 041 Author Interview: C.L. Holland and “On the Cusp of Darkness”

Welcome back to our Tuesday interviews, where authors from Issue 041 tell us what’s on their minds. Today we’re featuring C.L. Holland and her story “On the Cusp of Darkness.”
LSQ: Although it’s never explicitly stated what the Darkness is, it’s clear that women have an important role to play here. What drew you to writing about a women-centric secret society?
C.L.: The Darkness itself isn’t woman-centric, but it made sense to me that the choice the child makes – to embrace their power or to be “cured” – would be treated differently depending on gender roles. Women and girls are often encouraged to give up their own opportunities to support others, to reject power, and demonized if they make another choice. For that reason
 it made sense for the adept collecting Sirsa to be female too, having made the same choice herself. She understands in a way a male narrator wouldn’t.
LSQ: There’s a lot left unsaid in this story, and lots of room for expansion! Do you have plans to revisit Sirsa, or this world you’ve created?
C.L.: I actually don’t, there are so many other ideas I want to work on! Sometimes the best stories are the ones that leave questions.
LSQ: What was your favorite part about writing this story?
C.L.: The moment I realized why Sirsa was in the cellar in the first place.
LSQ: Are you working on anything else at the moment? If so, can you tell us a bit about your other projects?

C.L.: I have several short stories in various stages of editing, but my main project at the moment is a fantasy novel. Kind of The Raven meets the A-Team.