Issue 044 Release!!! Meet Cover Artist Jessica Jackson

And now for the moment you’ve all be waiting for… the Luna Station circus has arrived! Showcasing the most awe-inspiring acts by our stupendous performers, this is a spectacular performance you won’t want to miss. Showing every night from here until forever, you can get your tickets in print for your collection, and we also offer e-tickets! For our opening act, we have aerial artist Jessica Jackson setting the bar high for the rest of our show.


LSQ: Please tell us about the cover image. Does it have a name? Is there a story behind this image? What was your thought process while creating this image?

Jessica: The Antillean Aerialist is a masquerade/dress design based off the Antillean

“Antillean Aerialist” by Jessica Jackson

hummingbird because its feather types were intriguing to me. It belongs to a small series that I started in middle school that was only sketches and I decided to finish them about 10 years later. I even dug out the old sketches and worked off the old ideas.

LSQ: Our theme for this issue is the circus. Do you have any other pieces of art that fit this theme? What drew you to the theme for this cover piece?
Jessica: I only have this small series of aerialists that is even close to the idea of circus. The reason why I have aerialists is because I wanted a figure to be in the air like a bird, trying to marry the concepts together.
LSQ: Where do you get inspiration for your art?
Jessica: Most of my artwork is fantasy based. I also make assets for video games and am heavily inspired by those.
“Coquette Hummingbird Aerialists” by Jessica Jackson

LSQ: Do you have a personal favorite of the projects you’ve worked on? Or one that was memorable due to its challenges? If so, can you tell us a bit about it? 

Jessica: One of my favorite projects was creating 3D furniture for an indie game where we did quite well. It was completely different from what we had been doing and created a plethora of opportunities. Making furniture to be assembled posed a new way of creating and made me think of how to make these assets into a fun puzzle. It helped me explore environments instead of only characters and that project is still one of my favorites.