Issue 050 Author Interview: Claire McAneny and “Reaping Rewards”

Our Issue 050 authors are so talented, aren’t they? We love getting to look behind the curtain at their creative genius. Today, sharing her genius with us is Claire McAneny, author of “Reaping Rewards.”
LSQ: Nicola is such an interesting character. Tell us the origin of how you created her.

Claire: Nicola is a combination of different people that I have known. My children were young when I wrote this story and I was coming to terms with the influence that other adults have in their life. So, Nicola’s experience is my version of a worst case scenario as a parent.


LSQ: This is a world where magic works, but doesn’t seem to be commonplace. How did you choose to use magic in this story? How does it compare to the use of magic in other stories?

Claire: All of my stories so far have ended up with magic in them. I love exploring the idea that there is more to our world than what we see on the surface. If we keep looking in the hidden places we will find more.

I also like exploring how magic would work in our every day lives.

LSQ: I enjoyed the detail of keeping the emotions and associations in hair. Also how Nicola had to help to be part of the spell. Why was it important to involve her?

Claire: I find it really interesting how a ‘good hair day’ can make us feel better and how often women change their hair style when they make a change in their life.

Nicola needed to learn how to take back control of her life. It can be hard to move from feeling like a victim of your circumstances to taking action. I also wanted the magic to be more tangible and accessible by anyone instead of a magic wand that can only be accessed and used by the ‘chosen few’.

LSQ: What kinds of subjects do you like writing about? Are there any other stories that you are currently working on?

Claire: I like writing in the fantasy genre because I love mirroring situations that we might experience in our own lives but with a magical twist.

I am currently working on a novel length mystery set in contemporary Ireland.