Issue 051 Release!!! Meet Cover Artist Devin Elle Kurtz

Magical Forest Creatures – Night by Devin Elle Kurtz

Is there anything better than release day of a brand new issue of LSQ?? Available in digital and print, Issue 051 is ready for the reading. These 15 stories by emerging women authors will not disappoint! AND we snagged this gorgeous cover art by Devin Elle Kurtz to wrap it all up!

Devin Elle Kurtz is an illustrator and concept artist who has worked with companies such as Marvel, Dark Horse, Netflix, and HarperCollins. Her original artbook Windows to Worlds was published in 2021 by 3dTotal. She’s known for her free weekly process tutorials, hosted on her Instagram. She is often recognized for her ongoing series of illustrations combining fantasy creatures like dragons and gryphons with familiar real world locations. She worked in the animation industry as the lead background painter on the Netflix animated series Disenchantment from 2019-2021, and is currently working on her next book project.

There’s something about Devin’s art that makes you want to jump into the scene and live in those worlds, don’t you think? Each piece tells a story you can’t help but want to know more about. The vibrant colors make the artwork come alive, and the masterful lighting adds an extra layer of depth to these fantastical scenes. Dragon-lovers will especially want to pay attention to Devin’s art, because many of her pieces portray dragons in otherwise realistic settings, like sitting atop a 7-Eleven. Do go check out more of her amazing work!

Baby Dragon by Devin Elle Kurtz