Issue 054 is now live!

Issue 054 is not your usual issue of LSQ. As our Creative Director Tara Lindsey so succinctly described it, this is beach reading for strange people. I hope that description intrigued you as much as it amused me, because that’s a perfect description as possible for this issue.

We are once again lucky enough to have a beautiful piece of art gracing the cover of the issue. This time it’s the work of Indicreates, who shares a bit below about the piece on our cover as well as some insights into her process.

Please tell us about the cover image, “A Kind Face”. Is there a story behind this image? What was your thought process while creating this image?

I drew this illustration while going trough hard times, it was a symbol to myself to be kinder with myself. I printed it out so I’d remember it every time I look at it.

I’ve chosen green colors and flowers as both are calming to me.

Take us briefly through your artistic process. How do you create such captivating images?

I like to start with rough sketches, do research, listen to music that fits the art I’m going for and build my paintings from there.

At times I daydream and come up with ideas that way.

When did you realize you wanted to focus on fantasy in your art? Did you start out as a fantasy artist, or have you noticed changes over time? Please tell us a bit about your art journey!

I decided to focus on fantasy art in university, I realized I had most fun painting elves and fantasy worlds and that I have a deep love for worlds that feel different.

My love for fantasy started early, I already dreamed of other worlds as a kid and after many years of trying different things and building my skills I went back to my core in a way.

In my art I try to recreate the feeling of discovering new worlds.

Do you have a personal favorite of the projects you’ve worked on? Or one that was memorable due to its challenges? If so, can you tell us a bit about it?

My personal art that is based on my childhood fantasies mean a lot to me, sadly I don’t have too much time for these pieces but I try my best to paint a bit from that world whenever I can.