Issue 030

Leave it to Luna Station Quarterly to continually subvert your expectations, while still bringing you the best in female-fronted storytelling. Here we are in the heart of the growing year, green and lush and voluptuous, human and animal alike in their prime and enjoying the sun at the height of its powers. And what do we do?

We present you with an issue of mostly meditative stories, mostly about death. ‘Cause we’re funny that way.

Like a rom-com or a period flick counter programmed against a blow ‘em up summer blockbuster, we invite you to our alternative to the flow. Yes, there are still immortal clockwork people, and a space station, and a woman in love with the moon and all that. But there is also quiet, and questioning, and other things that may or may not begin with a Q, and which are usually better left for the dark half of the year.

But you know better, don’t you? Slowing down and looking inward are valuable year-round, and with this issue of LSQ, we provide a window to that state of mind, if you’re willing. We hope, of course, that you are.