Issue 038

Stories, they say, reflect the times we live in, as well as the concerns and obsessions of those courageous enough to get their words down on the page. Here, then, are thirteen stories of their time, of this time, a baker’s dozen of bittersweet, beautiful tales, as only Luna Station could deliver.

Our authors are asking important questions, about technology, about climate change, about what happens to the human (and non-human) heart after our long believed in social agreements have failed. With their concerns filtered through the metaphors of science fiction, fantasy and folklore, you have an issue where a holographic zoo sits comfortably next to a Russian selfie story, where a post-apocalyptic Hansel & Gretel setup gets turned on its ear, and androids and demons have the biggest of hearts.

All of this and more from Luna Station Quarterly, darkening your summer days since 2009!