Just a Single Dollar Bill

Can we make a change in someone else’s life just by sending good thoughts, prayers, energy?

Holding someone in the center of our thoughts to such an extent that a shift can happen in their lives?

The online encyclopedia Britannica has this to say about the definition of energy:

“Energy is the process of transfer from one body to another.”

So according to science, we are indeed capable of transferring energy to another. Personally, I have been growing in this awareness for several years to amazing results.

This transference is not always for the good. The mass hysteria that has swept through the world over the coronavirus is a blaring example of how energy can be spread from one person to another. I am not talking about the virus itself. I am talking about how, as humans, we have a tendency to hook our energy to others, merge together, and create a mob mentality. This is never more apparent than during what gets classified as a global crisis. I think the fear of this virus will cause more problems than the actual virus will. Leave humanity to sort this out, and at some point, this current frenzy will play itself out. My energy can be spent in more positive ways.

Looking at someone we don’t know in the checkout line, passing on the street, in another car, or next to someone in an elevator, we are drawn to compassion. We don’t know why. Often the moment passes quickly as our minds move on to more important things. What if we take a second once we realize we’re in that moment and send thoughts of healing for that person? Can that make a difference to them? Does it cost us anything personally if we do?

I believe we can make such a difference. Although we will never know what the outcome of that person’s worries might be, we can see them whole, well, and loved in our minds. It takes only a second in the doing. It also takes some training our minds to have this be the reaction to the compassion we feel toward another. But it can happen; in fact, it often does.

Recently I had such an encounter that was so extraordinary and a perfect example of how my energy can affect those around me. That like-minded people’s energy can connect with mine to create an awesome result while waiting for a traffic light to change.

As I left work yesterday I was sitting at a very busy light. Often people who are homeless panhandle there. I was maybe fifth in line and watched an older man in rough physical shape begging for money as the rain just poured off him. I couldn’t easily reach him, but I had a dollar sitting on the passenger seat leftover from coffee I just purchased that I wanted to give him.

I said out loud: “Someone is going to offer you money.” Up to that point no one ahead of me had so much as rolled a window down; the rain was in sheets, pelted down sideways in the wind. But I persisted in seeing a hand reach out and give a dollar to him.

I imagined a ribbon of energy flowing from me and connecting with the other drivers. I knew human compassion meant someone else would also want to help.

The light finally turned green, but the guy at the head of the line of cars jumped out of his truck, ignoring the signal, and ran back to the man and handed him a dollar bill. Then hands came out of every car window and started to offer the man money. People behind me were rolling down their windows with dollar bills in them! The man, hampered by a bad limp and aided by a cane, was hobbling to each car as fast as he could with a look of total bewilderment.

We had to all wait through another round of light changes, as more hands offered dollar bills. Only afterward did I realize that not one person HONKED when we missed the first green light. That alone is an amazing act.

When it was my turn to pass, I was grinning like a fool as I handed him my dollar and said I hoped he was having a good day! He said in reply, “I don’t know what the hell just happened.”

But I did. People sharing energy, finding a common outlet for their energy, sharing compassion for another human being. Not because our mothers told us to be kind to others, not because we learned in Sunday school to take care of those less fortunate than ourselves.

No, this was about the Universal love that runs through every cell in our bodies. This was about my energy, being sent out, growing as it gravitated toward others whose energy was searching to connect.

Yes, I do believe we can send our good thoughts, well wishes, our energy to others and make a difference for them and for ourselves. Those of us who freely give our energy to another never feel a lack. We are never drained by the gift we give. Energy is never-ending and infinite, and it is in every living thing on this planet and beyond. We are all connected by it. At some point, I will feel that energy come back to me, fuller and brighter and filling every broken part of me.

If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself. Experience the feeling that will radiate through your body when you simply offer your considerable healing energy toward someone. That feeling of total oneness with the Universe is your gift. A gift I know will carry you through your whole day.

With love and light,

Anna O’Keefe