Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (2016)

Hi Everyone! I’d like to introduce you to my guest blogger (and sister), Nysa Casha. She’s an expert in female-authored young adult fantasy. She’s the one who recommended Sarah J Maas to me and I couldn’t be happier to have her join us on my column.


Cassandra Clare knows how to craft a mesmerizing story. Her latest book in the Shadowhunter’s series and the first book in The Dark Artifices series, Lady Midnight, is one of those reads that, upon turning the last page, I was sad to return to reality. And frankly, this is simply because I don’t want to be in a world that is void of the shadowhunters Emma Cartstairs and Julian Blackthorn.

Want to know why? Well, think about this:

indexWhat if you and your best friend had lost your parents at the age of twelve? What if your best friend had to kill his father to protect his youngest brother? What if your best friend had four younger siblings he had to raise by himself, in an institute run by an uncle incapable of being a parent?  What if everyone claimed your parents died in a war but you knew that something very different was true?

Now, think about all of those pretty realistic questions under the gaze of someone who is half-angel half-human and you’ve got yourself a fantasy that tugs right at the centrality of human emotion.

But the reasons why I loved this novel weren’t because of the fantasy or the back story. What I can’t get my mind off of is the way the characters laced every step and spoke every word with power, love and courage. I breathed next to them as they raised Julian’s four younger siblings. I felt their love in the sacrifices they made for one another and their courage that radiated through intense battles and challenges.

And I longed to be able to fight in the same way fearlessly for those I love. I wished I could feel just as deeply as they did about all of life.

Well if you are wondering what happens, my simple answer to you is for you to become Emma Cartstairs. You make the hard choices when you are twelve. You eternally bind yourself to your other half, your best friend, to keep a family together and link yourself to a love so strong it surpasses anything humans could experience for lovers, friends, or family. Then you work tirelessly to create a home and a family from the ashes of a war. And you never stop searching for the truth behind your parents’ deaths. You train yourself beyond what is physically possible: by jumping from impossible heights even after continuous broken bones and brandishing a sword in bare feet on broken glass. And you do this because if anyone tries to hurt your family, you are certain you will be strong enough to endure anything and protect their safety at all costs. You become a girl who lives passionately, refuses to leave her friend’s side, and falls deeply in love with life and adventure.

I would recommend that you read Lady Midnight and lose yourself to the words of this story because the sort of love it embodies is one that can travel the Earth and move the heavens. I am so lucky to have experienced that kind of strength alongside these characters.