Alena Sullivan

Alena Sullivan, 24, holds a degree in Cultural Anthropology and works as a nanny for two wonderful human children. She lives in an apartment-gone-witch-cottage in Decatur, Georgia, with three birds and a cat, all of which still refuse to help her get dressed in the morning.

Alena works as a fiction writer, poet, and visual artist, focusing on identity within narrative and the repeated cultural pattern formed by fairy and folk tales.

Alena spent three months living in the wild, windy coastal town of Dingle, Ireland, where she frequently leapt fully-clothed into the sea, drank far too little beer, and wrote poems to ramshackle lighthouses. Other than this time and a little travel here and there, she has spent her life in North Georgia and Atlanta. She was homeschooled by her family and a variety of wonderful tutors, including widely-published author Kathryn Hinds. Alena attended the Alpha Workshop for Young Writers in 2006 and again in 2008, where she got the incredible opportunity to learn from favorite authors Theodora Goss and Tamora Pierce. She has been published in Luna Station Quarterly, Urban Fantasy Magazine, Goblin Fruit, Illumen, the Wormwood Press, and Expanded Horizons Magazine.