Carla Girtman

Carla Girtman was born in California and raised in West Virginia. She lives in Kissimmee, Florida with her husband, her adult daughter, and three cats (Majick, Tygur, and Nibbles). In addition to teaching part time at University of Phoenix for almost five years, she works full time at an international airport and now works in airfield operations as administrative coordinator. She is the only female in the department but keeps everyone in line and encourages them to recycle, but still can’t get these guys to push the ice bin all the way back in the freezer. Like many of you, she would love to write full time for money! But alas, there are bills to pay. 

Writing fiction has been a passion of hers since sixth grade one snowy winter. Her favorite genre is speculative fiction and writing flash which have become her best writing challenges. She has been published in e-zines and her stories appear in two anthologies: “The Zombie Cookbook” and “Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes.”  

Her flash stories have been published in Clockwise Cat, Flashshot, Demonic Tome, Flashes in the Dark, Short Humor Site, Blink Ink, and Luna Station Quarterly. Carla is currently working on three books: Midnight Tarot: A Fool’s Journey, Mermaids, Zombies, and Vampires – O My!, and Fits and Starts: Prompts For Writing Stories. Her poems, “When God Awakens,” appeared in The Corner Club Press and “The Ring” found a home in Dark and Dreary Magazine.

She also enjoys reading, watching movies, and collecting antique books (especially those relating to language).