Erin Kennemer

Erin M Kennemer is a writer and artist living in Austin, Texas. She takes her inspiration from the kinds of “what if” scenarios that only good scotch and late night conversation can engender. She has a BA in English from Texas A&M and studied under Larry Heinemann, who taught her how to write with bite. The university denies any responsibility for what happens when she takes her literary background and mixes it with a hefty dose of horror. Most of the blame should be put on her critique groups: Writer’s Ink, Houston and the Round Rock Writer’s Guild. Her short fiction has won multiple awards, the most recent being an honorable mention in the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Competition. Her mother’s support and winning the Silver Key from the Scholastic’s Arts and Writing Competition inspired Erin to become a professional writer. She looks forward to one day sharing her boundless imagination with her daughter Alexis. The idea for The Black Prince came from a black, starless night and a bowl of gumbo. Erin’s fiction often explores the effect technology has on culture and childhood. Her current project is a science fiction novel exploring human society in the confines of space travel.