Gô Shoemake

Gô Shoemake (aka. kibigo!) was born and raised in the Inland Northwest, central Washington State. As a kid, her favourite books were Harry Potter and Nate the Great. Her first exposure to the world of online fiction was a lengthy original speculative fiction piece published in the forums of ZeldaPower.com. She spent most of her high school career trying to convince her maths-minded peers that Fanfiction Was Great And You Can Too, much to her teachers’ despair. She used to play marimba, and wishes she still did.

In 2009, she got fed up trying to appropriate English names for her fantasy locations and invented her own language, because that was so much easier. She’s still working on it; see http://langdev.xyz/

In 2016, she graduated from Whitman College with a degree in Gender Studies and a concentration in queer theory. Later that same year, she joined Mastodon, and now she spends a lot of her time banging her head against the keyboard trying to design technologies for writers to publish, catalogue, and discover fiction on the Internet.

When she’s excited about something, Gô always uses two exclamation points, because of that one fictionpress.com oneshot romance where that was important. When she reads Virginia Woolf, she does so while scrawling pages of reminders to herself about how much room her own writing still has to improve and how the English language is so unfair.

More info: https://go.kibi.family/
On the fediverse: https://glitch.social/@kibi