Irene Grazzini

Irene Grazzini has long been a voracious reader as well as prolific writer of speculative fiction. Despite her youth, she has already attracted considerable attention from other similarly-inclined readers in her Italian homeland. She has published short stories in various Italian magazines and has also won several prizes. She continues as well to write reviews, edit stories, and comment on video-games for the Italian online Fantasy Magazine. A futuristic novel trilogy of hers is now in bookstores throughout Italy. Her collaboration with Joyce Myerson, a literary translator, has led to the completion of an alternate history novel in English (called Iris: Messages from the Third Reich) and hopefully it will appear sometime soon across North America. Irene continues to live in her hometown of Arezzo. She completed her medical degree and specialization two years ago and now works as a radiologist in a Tuscan hospital. As part of her residency, she spent six months working at the Montreal Neurological Hospital in Canada. She is also well-published in her medical field. A website is English is forthcoming.