J.A. Gross

My first piece of writing was the poem, “Doggie Woggie”, which I produced in the third grade. My parents kept it on our refrigerator for years which was either encouragement or an admonishment to never do it again. I’m not entirely sure which.

Since then, I’ve had book reviews, interviews and articles published in a variety of women’s publications (including Mama Bears News and Notes, Womanews, Common Lives, Lesbian Lives) and nonfiction books such as the WisCon Chronicles. I’m finally turning my hand to original fiction and am still discovering what I want to say.

As a long time media sf/f fan, I’ve participated on panels at WisCon and FOGCon, in addition to serving on the concom for BASCon (Bay Area Slash Convention) from inception to its end. Along with regular ( i.e. bill paying) work, I serve as a booth coordinator for a collectibles distributor at conventions such as San Diego Comic Con.