Shana Ross

Shana Ross bought her first computer working the graveyard shift in a wind chime factory, a beloved HP whose hard drive resides in her basement with a number of early works. Her writing career has been long dormant for reasons both practical and best discussed in therapy, but she has authored a respectable living as a consultant, executive coach, and global leadership expert. Recently, she dyed her hair purple and is starting to turn that all around. Since 2018, her work has appeared in over a dozen publications, including Anapest Journal, Anatolios Magazine, Apricity Press, Chautauqua Journal, Ghost City Review, The Hellebore, Indolent Press’ What Rough Beast project, Mad Scientist Journal, metafore, SHANTIH Journal, Street Light Press, The Sunlight Press, Unlikely Stories, Voice of Eve, and Writers Resist.