LSQ Monthly News Flash: August 2018

Heads up, dear readers! Happy Monday and welcome to our monthly news flash–this is our chance to let you know about the happenings and what-nots of our Quarterly. Ready? Here we go:

  • Issue 034 is still out, still fabulous, still contains eight amazing speculative fiction short stories by women authors, and is still available online (for free) and in print!
  • Issue 035 will be out September 1 and we. Cannot. Wait. Mark your calendars.
  • Submissions are open until August 15. We are looking for speculative fiction stories for our first ever themed issue about crones. Read the guidelines, give it a ponder, and then send in your best stuff.
  • We are still interested in bringing a few new bloggers on board to write for our busy blog which posts new content Monday through Friday. Have some thoughts about women in writing, speculative fiction, the craft of writing, creativity, or maybe just an essay on green-eyed monsters and their preferential diet of Pomeranians in relation to the ever-growing genre of dystopian sci-fi? We like that sort of stuff. Check out the guidelines for more info.
  • Been a fan of LSQ for a while? Like what you read here? Like us? Consider becoming a Patron. We’re a volunteer staff, we don’t use ads, and this is a labor of love. We’re in our ninth year of publication and still going strong because of readers like you. Hugs and high fives all around.

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