LSQ Monthly News Flash: January 2022

Happy New Year, dear readers! LSQ is here and ready for 2022! Let’s take a look at what we have in store this month:

  • We’re seeking new bloggers to join our team. If you have an idea for a column (or even an inkling of an idea!) or want a place to share your masterful reviews, check out our application form.
  • Submissions are open until February 15th. A great way to get started on this year’s submission grind!
  • For some fun, themed reading to start off your year, Issue 048 is here to deliver! It’s got sixteen speculative stories by women writers, all centered around those lovable little winged creatures we call birds.
  • Ever wanted to take a look behind the scenes of LSQ? We share some of our production process on Patreon, along with plenty of other fun stuff!
  • It may be a new year, but we love looking back at our first five years in the form of our anthology which has a selection of some of our best stuff!